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Profile picture of Antoinette

Offer from Antoinette


In this crisis time when a lot of my volunteer work has stopped, I would like to commit myself in this way

Profile picture of Dhyan

Offer from Dhyan


I have several years of experience as a language coach, requests for help from Diemen are my preference, if necessary. Amsterdam East. ...

Profile picture of Hans

Offer from Hans


I think it would be a good idea to make a contribution in the social field after my retirement, now 2 years ago. My background is techn...

Profile picture of Dick

Offer from Dick


I recently became unemployed and would like to use my energy and skills for others. I am partly available for light odd jobs and driver...

Profile picture of Ruud

Offer from Ruud


Since the mid 90's in Diemen. Husband of a teacher in Diemen. She has lived in Diemen all her life. Father of two teenage boys. Sporty....

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Profile picture of Rohan

Client Information Point

Cliรซnten Informatiepunt

Can't find your way in the jungle of agencies? The Client Information Point (CLIP) is happy to show you the way. The CLIP is an informa...

Profile picture of Gresa

Offer from Gresa


I am a journalism student and I would like to gain more experience writing pieces. In addition, I would like to further expand and deve...

Profile picture of Carol

Offer from Carol


My pet is my everything, I would like to help people take care of/walk their friends in order to enjoy them longer. I also know what it...

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Profile picture of Nicander

Offer from Nicander


Making others happy makes me happy too. I personally hate it when something doesn't work, with a computer, odd jobs or technology, that...

Profile picture of Marella

Offer from Marella


On a regular basis - once a week or every 14 days - I want to do groceries (by bicycle) for someone from Diemen. Incidental help is als...

Profile picture of Gerrie

Gerrie .'s offer


Ben Gerrie from Amsterdam, retired for 8 years, would like to do something for my fellow man. Since 2015 I live in Germany just across ...

Profile picture of Mirian

Mirian .'s offer


I really enjoy helping someone or more.because it makes me feel fulfilled.It is also nice to help the vulnerable groups or person.I am ...

Profile picture of Dorothea

Offerings from Dorothea


I am Dorothé, I would like to help people to go on it e.g. walk, drink coffee, talk about various topics. I am single, have trav...

Profile picture of Stanley

Offerings from Stanley


As a volunteer I trained and coached my son's football team (SV Diemen) for 2 seasons. I have done this with great pleasure. I learned ...

Profile picture of Els

Offer from Els


I have stopped working as an employee and now have more time. I want to spend some of that time helping others. My specialty is financi...

Profile picture of Javad

Offerings from Javad


My name is Javad and I am now 38. I came to the Netherlands from Iran more than 2 years ago. I would like to get in touch with someone ...

Profile picture of Dolores

Offer from Dolores


I am collecting clothes for children. I would like this to reach parents who have little budget for clothing.

Profile picture of Rosita

Offer from Rosita


guiding and helping people, supporting, being there for the people. So that I have something to do

Profile picture of Willy

Offer from Willy


My name is Willy and I am 73 years old. I would like to occasionally walk a small dog, during a holiday period or in case of illness. ...

Profile picture of Boris

Offer from boris


Good day. Meaning something for others has always been important to me. Due to a busy family life, however, this is often not possible....

Profile picture of Rob

Offerings from Rob


My name is Rob, I am 28 years old and I work as a civil servant. I would really like to be able to dedicate myself more to society. I l...

Profile picture of Ryan

Ryan's Offer


I am Ryan, 28 years old and I would like to help someone else by going somewhere for a good friendly chat or just a healthy walk outsid...

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